It is an honor to lead, advise, and represent service members and veterans from all branches in times of chaos. I find joy in protecting reputations, careers, and freedoms. Past clients gave me permission to share their thoughts and written testimonials about my legal services to help others decide which military attorney to hire. Schedule a call with Kevin Courtney Law for a free 30 minute consultation today.

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I was charged with article 120 towards the end of my Marine Corps career. It was a bad situation from the get go, she made a false sexual assault allegation to cover up her mistake. It was basically my word verses hers. On top of the “he said she said” was a very biased investigation done by NCIS which kind of left evidence up in the air. Thankfully I had Kevin in my corner to walk me through everything. It was a very long painful process but I was always in the loop and always felt like I was being taken care of. Kevin even helped me with the unfair treatment from my chain of command and always ensured that this painful process wasn’t as bad. During the trial process he was working day in and day out with his team, there was never a time that I felt he wasn’t putting in all of his effort towards the case. He was every smart and articulate in the court room and was able to clearly poke holes in every single one of the Trial Counsels’ arguments. There was never a time that he was taken by surprise with what anyone on the Trial Counsel had to say. During the week of the trial Kevin was confident with what they had prepared and was able to lighten the mood during such a horrible time, even taking time to make sure my wife was in the loop and feeling good about the situation. I would recommend Kevin to anyone, he’s a great lawyer and a great man.

Corporal, US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton

Kevin helped me beat a court martial case in the Marine Corps. He was very helpful and meticulous with everything. He listened to everything I said and had my back from the beginning. Thanks to him I finished my contract honorably.

Private First Class, US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton

Mr. Courtney displayed both empathy and professionalism during my trial. I had no idea what to expect when we first met but was quickly reassured by both his likable and relatable personality. He handled my case with such compassion that even if you knew nothing about law you can clearly see the dedication, commitment, and care he puts forth in his client’s case.  I could not have asked for a better attorney to handle the unique adversity of my trial. I appreciated and respected his honestly every step of the way. I highly recommend his services as both his customer service and execution in the courtroom are noteworthy.

Staff Sergeant, US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton

Mr. Courtney: I wanted to reach out to you, to let you know how thankful I am for you looking out for my son PFC J. I wanted you to know that he doing great and in a great place in all aspects of his life. I truly believe that you are one of those reasons why he is where he is today.  Thank you for believing in him and advocating for not only him, but for Marines that would otherwise not have a chance at getting fair treatment. Thank you. Semper Fidelis.

Mr. J. Father of PFC J., US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton

Before my board Mr. Courtney exhausted all administrative means to prevent the ADSEP board from even happening. He provided me reassurance and confidence to continue to fight. Upon conducting my ADSEP board Mr. Courtney was well prepared, organized and sheer perfection fighting for me. We won the board and I feel a lot had to do with how he presented the evidence and cross examined exposing the holes in this allegation…I would not still be in the Marine Corps and continuing my 14 years of service without Kevin Courtney!

Staff Sergeant, US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton

Mr. Courtney was very professional and respectful whenever we spoke about the case. I had several questions regarding the outcomes of my case and how we can beat tackle it. He takes the time to explain everything that’s going on and whenever I had questions outside of our appointments he responded faster than I expected. I highly recommend him as your attorney as he is more than competent in the court.

Lance Corporal, US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton
people usa military patriotism

Before the board review, I was looking at an other than honorable discharge and my career over. At the end, I was given a General Discharge and a second chance. All thanks to him, my career is still intact.

Private First Class, US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton

Kevin Courtney was my appointed attorney by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) against the USMC. I was fighting an administrative separation due to a civilian conviction. From start to finish not once did Kevin provide me with any empty promises or false hopes. The only thing he did promise was that he would try his best to obtain the outcome I was hoping for. Which was retention in the Marine Corps. I was guided with what documents I should gather, what to expect, and every outcome possible regardless of good or bad. Not once was I lied to. I was never pushed to go with a specific route, only advised on what the possible outcomes were for each route we were able to take. Any questions I had he answered them truthfully and never assumed the answer. If he wasn’t sure he would find out and get back to me as soon as possible. I was shown courtesy, respect, and empathy. My case was a very extraordinary one. One that if an honorable discharge was given it would be similar to winning the lottery. Regardless of not being retained in the USMC, An honorable discharge was far from what I was expecting. I thought of it as something impossible. Yet, Kevin was able to put up the fight and show who I was as a Marine and a man outside of duties to the board members who had all the control in my outcome. I definitely feel confident recommending Kevin Courtney to anyone seeking an attorney who will go above and beyond!

Lance Corporal, US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton

I know this is informal but I just want to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I have obtained my enlightenment in life and I won’t let it go to waste.

Since I’ve been discharged the universe has been good to me. My tax returns, new job, meeting old/new friends, even got my phone back today. Thank you once again.

Corporal, US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton

When I first found myself in the office for a failed drug test I knew it was coming because of the situation that unfolded. What happened was not my fault but I felt helpless. We were always told 0 tolerance if you fail a piss test you’re out. When I first got to the military lawyers office (jags) I was told by more than one of them to just accept my NJP leaving me little room for hope of staying in. That is until I met with Kevin (Capt Courtney at the time), he was the first person to give me the benefit of doubt and believed me. He was the first one to help me believe that I could fight, not only fight but win. He made me feel more secure and gave me resources, numbers, ideas, and tasks I could do to all help my case. He made me feel secure I took all of his advice after he truly made me believe in my own case and the chance that I could win and have my case dismissed. I continued to fight while my anxiety rose every time I left his office I felt better even though I knew that while he was in the USMC he was very busy with many cases but still made every effort to help me. Upon the hearing he spoke on my behalf with confidence and a certain swagger I was amazed a man that barely knew me was willing to fight like that simply because I was his client. When we left for the ADSEP board to discuss my innocence I’ll never forget the fact that they took 5 minutes to call us back in. Kevin left 0 room for debate we absolutely conquered my case and by a landslide at that. I believe now that Kevin is out he will only have more time to be an even greater attorney/ lawyer. I will never forget this man or not be grateful for what he did for me. He very well might’ve saved my life and I hope if you get the chance to work with him you don’t have a doubt in your mind that it will be the best decision you’ve ever made to work with him. Thank you Kevin.

Corporal, US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton

I can’t thank Kevin enough for how he handled my case and helped me get my case dismissed. During our consult, he gave me a game plan of what needed to happen and what I needed to provide him in order for him to get to work on my case. I sent him the required documents and he took care of the rest. Kept me informed through out the process and always kept me in the loop of what was happening. I was facing a special court martial in the Marine Corps in 2022. Not only was Kevin able to get my case dismissed, he also got the Command to agree to medically separate me like I should have been back in 2012. I cannot thank Kevin enough for what he has done for me. I went from looking at getting a dishonorable discharge and reduced all the way down to private for deserting in 2012, to keeping my rank, my honor and getting medically separated from the Marine Corps. Thank you Kevin, I will forever be grateful. I would 100% recommend his services to anyone looking for a great attorney that will guide you in the right direction.

Sergeant, US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton

Kevin Courtney wants every client to feel supported, cared for, and part of the defense team. Knowing most clients Kevin strives to communicate effectively with clients and attorneys alike. He dedicates his practice to ensuring service members participate in the litigation as much as possible. At the end of the day, an attorney should be advocating for the client’s wishes, not the attorney’s wishes.

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