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Kevin Courtney takes pride in being a dedicated military and veterans attorney and effective advocate. But don’t take his word for it alone. Read what other lawyers think of Kevin Courtney.

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Kevin Courtney is the definition of a zealous and effective advocate.

Kevin is the definition of a effective and zealous advocate. He is the utmost professional, and he truly cares about his clients and the law. Every case I have ever worked with Kevin, whether on the same side or not, I always respected the effort he gave and knew that his clients were lucky to have him on their side.

Kevin cares. Simple as that. He truly cares about his clients which drives him to be the best lawyer and advocate possible. It fuels his passion and motivation to outwork his opponents and find solutions for his clients. Kevin and I served together as Judge Advocates in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2020-2023. Initially, many of the cases I had with Kevin, I was opposing counsel as I was on the prosecution side, and he was on the defense side. Later, I moved to defense, where Kevin mentored me, and served as co-counsel on numerous cases with me.

Kevin is very creative in crafting arguments and is quick to understand any particular issue or area of law. I have personally witnessed him win several legal arguments for his clients that at first blush did not seem to have a good chance at success. But, due to his ability to analyze facts and the law, he was able to achieve a good outcome for his clients.

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I rate Mr. Courtney a 10.

I rate Mr. Courtney a 10 because it was clear from the very beginning that he is extremely capable, hard working, and wanted to secure the best possible result for the client. Mr. Courtney’s knowledge of the law is vast and far exceeds that of his peers. Mr. Courtney’s ability to spot where the prosecution’s case was vulnerable was instrumental in convincing the client’s command to give him a positive outcome. I recommend Mr. Courtney for military criminal defense, military employment law, and veterans law.

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