Have you or a loved one been accused of a crime in the military? If the accusation is serious, the service member may face a criminal court-martial trial. You need to have an experienced court-martial attorney on your side.

Experienced Court-Martial Attorney

The military has broad latitude to choose what offenses to bring to trial. Even when the evidence is weak, having an experienced court-martial attorney defending your case is critical. The potential costs of being convicted at trial can mean the end of a career, a lifetime of prejudicial effects, and the loss of freedom.

Attorney Kevin Courtney focuses his practice defending service members in courts-martial regardless of the offense. His experience includes successfully defending and negotiating against serious allegations of rape and sexual assault along with minor offenses such as underage drinking and fraternization. As an experienced court-martial attorney near Camp Pendleton, Kevin Courtney has helped clients navigate the entire military justice process to include denying the NJP offer from the command and taking the allegation to trial. Every case is different, but the potential consequences are serious in every situation.

experienced court martial attorney Kevin Courtney Marine Corps Veteran

Kevin Courtney’s experience representing Marines and Sailors includes defending allegations of: rape, sexual assault, larceny, extortion, domestic violence, destroying property, drug offenses, failed urinalysis, computer crimes, and military specific offenses, like desertion and unauthorized absence.

Are you facing a Court-Martial?

Are you looking for an experienced court-martial defense attorney who can defend you at a court-martial? If you are under investigation in the military, there is a chance you may spend time in a courtroom. During the investigation process, law enforcement agents are developing facts and interviewing witnesses to put you behind bars.

When the prosecutor has enough evidence, they may send the case to an Article 32, UCMJ hearing, also known as a preliminary hearing. This hearing is focused on whether the case can move forward or not towards trial.

The UCMJ, Rules for Courts-Martial, and the Military Rules of Evidence govern the procedures of the trial. To stand a chance against the federal prosecutor, you’ll need a great trial attorney to protect your rights.

Talk with an Attorney Today

If you are under investigation and facing a court-martial, you need to speak with an attorney today. With the help of an experienced court-martial attorney, like Kevin Courtney, your future is still in your hands.

I can’t thank Kevin enough for how he handled my case and helped me get my case dismissed. During our consult, he gave me a game plan of what needed to happen and what I needed to provide him in order for him to get to work on my case. I sent him the required documents and he took care of the rest. Kept me informed through out the process and always kept me in the loop of what was happening. I was facing a special court martial in the Marine Corps in 2022. –– Sergeant, USMC

Appeal a court-martial conviction with the help of an experienced court-martial attorney

Were you or a loved one convicted a court-martial? With the help of an experienced court-martial attorney, you may be able to reverse the conviction on appeal. Each branch of service has a court of criminal appeals. If the judge or prosecutor did something unlawful during your pretrial litigation or at trial, you may have a chance to appeal your conviction. Although, if your sentence was too harsh, the appellate courts have authority lower your punishment, too.

Kevin Courtney Law can review your record of trial to help your appellate defense team identify issues to raise on appeal. Call us at 760-385-3889.