Facing an administrative issue in the military? Kevin Courtney Law can help. Contact us at 760-385-3889. As a former Marine Corps Judge Advocate (JAG), Kevin has years of experience helping Marines, Sailors, and other service members defeat administrative issues to protect their careers and reputations.

Common Administrative Issues

ADSEP Board (Enlisted)

Service members facing an ADSEP Board are at risk of losing their career and reputation. The military has a history of ignoring the rules when they really want to separate a service member. But we won’t stand for that. Instead we will put up an aggressive defense against even the most minor allegation.

BOI (Officers)

Although the military invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in your development and you’ve proven your worth, you’ve now become the black sheep of the unit. That isn’t fair and it is wrong. We will help defeat the allegations of misconduct at your BOI and protect your career and reparation you’ve fought so hard to develop.

USMC PAC Order Appeal

The US Marine Corps wrote an unfair regulation called the PAC Order. Nearly everyone today is offended by the smallest action. Don’t let an allegation ruin your career or re-enlistment chances. We will fight to overturn a substantiated claim.

We will help you draft a compelling PAC Order Appeal in compliance with MCO 5354.1F.

DNA Expungement

Did law enforcement agents take your DNA when you got arrested? If so, it is stored within the Army’s Combined DNA Index System. But if you were never convicted at a court martial, we can help you get it removed. You DNA should not be in hands of law enforcement agents any longer.

6105 USMC

Your command gave you a 6105 for an allegation. But they don’t understand the whole story. This 6105 will cause issues for your re-enlistment or upcoming discharge from the Marine Corps.

As a former Marine JAG, Kevin Courtney Law knows how to help Marines with 6105s. We know the stigma surrounding a USMC 6105 can damage your reputation and lead to an ADSEP Board. We’ll fight to get ahead of it by drafting a rebuttal and establish the truth before its too late!

ADSEP Notification Procedures

You enlisted out of high school to serve your country and to get a GI Bill. Now your command wants to fire you without a chance to prove your worth. We can help draft a compelling and persuasive rebuttal package to stop your separation. It takes a lot of work and you should not be forced to do it alone.

We will defend your career and VA Benefits with you!

NJP / Article 15 / Appeals

The last thing you needed was to lose your rank and pay. But now your command wants to make a show of it with an NJP. Why can’t it just be a negative counseling like a 6105 or page 13? We can help review the evidence and develop a plan for you. If you were unjustly punished, we will fight to get your punishment reduced with an NJP Appeal.

Article 138 Complaint

Did your commanding officer wrong you? Are you getting treated unfairly? One of the most powerful tools in the military justice world is an Article 138 complaint. But they are technical and strict rules need to be followed to be successful. Let us help you hold your command accountable.

GOMOR – Army

The Army just gave you a general officer memorandum of reprimand (GOMOR) and you’re worried your military career is over. It doesn’t need to be. Instead, we will fight hard to either get them to change their minds or at least file it locally.

If you fail to respond to the GOMOR, then the record will assume everything in it is true. That can ruin your re-enlistment or career hopes. Instead, we will help you fight it and protect your career and reputation.

Correct My Military Record

Did you look at your OMPF and find an error with it? Do you have bad paper in your military record that you need removed. We can help fix your military record before it becomes a problem with your re-enlistment or career plans.

The Board of Correction for Military Records have strict guidelines and procedures to follow for each service branch. We have successfully helped service members address these concerns and can help you too.

Administrative Testimonials

Before my board Mr. Courtney exhausted all administrative means to prevent the ADSEP board from even happening. He provided me reassurance and confidence to continue to fight. Upon conducting my ADSEP board Mr. Courtney was well prepared, organized and sheer perfection fighting for me. We won the board and I feel a lot had to do with how he presented the evidence and cross examined exposing the holes in this allegation…I would not still be in the Marine Corps and continuing my 14 years of service without Kevin Courtney! – Staff Sergeant, USMC

Administrative Attorney Kevin Courtney